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Discover Unstoppable You

By December 11, 2020September 10th, 2021Inspiration, News

We all love those ‘fresh hair feels.’ – The euphoria steps up a level when you walk out of the salon with a fresh colour that truly does make you look and feel fabulous. Welcome to ‘Unstoppable You’.

Rodney Wayne creative director Newton Cook describes it as ‘The moment when you look in the salon mirror with gorgeous, freshly coloured hair. There’s such personal power. You know the world can now see you at your beautiful best and you feel unstoppable.”

Unstoppable You

The confidence you feel is further enhanced when you achieve the hair colour of your dreams, without risking damage to the health of your hair. At Rodney Wayne all of our teams are expertly trained, and have an ongoing understanding of the products and processes involved. We use and recommend L’Oréal Professionnel hair care products and work with the world’s leading professional hair care equipment.

Coloration Expert

This level of coloration expertise allows Rodney Wayne to always be ahead of the game. It can also help you be ahead of yours. Of course, it’s not just about training. It’s about people, and the passion and dedication from our teams is what sets us apart and ensures unstoppable looks for you.

Release Unstoppable You and Earn Rewards

Confidence is the key to following your dreams. You can achieve the hair colour of your desires with the coloration experts at Rodney Wayne and revel in the confidence that great hair brings. When you receive a service or buy a product with us you can earn Rodney Wayne Rewards*. They’re rewards that can go towards services and products at both Rodney Wayne and Shampoo ‘n’ Things. You also get access to extra special offers and exclusive products. Are you ready to release Unstoppable You? Book with your favourite Rodney Wayne Salon now.


*Not available for online sales. Ts and Cs apply.

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