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Embrace Your Curls

By March 14, 2014September 13th, 2021Stylist Tips

For our curly hair clients, I encourage you to embrace your curls!

Here are my top tips for you to create beautiful, manageable curls:

1- After you have shampooed and conditioned your lovely locks, do not rub your hair with the towel, this will cause friction and result in frizzy fly-away hair.

2-  For the most part, curly hair has a tendency to be slightly dry. Invest in some good nutritive and moisturising shampoo and treatment, also, a good nutritive finishing oil or serum will change your life.

3-  Leave in conditioners and treatments are great for curly hair, scrunched into damp hair. While it is important to have well conditioned hair, these products alone have very little hold/control factor, so you will need some hairspray or wax spray to keep those curls just perfect.

4-  Invest in a defuser attachment for your hairdryer, the best way to retain your curls during drying. A defuser works amazingly well with the correct products, for your specific curly hair.

If you stop by any Rodney Wayne salon or Shampoo ‘n’ Things product store they can tailor make a cocktail of products perfect for your curls.

Written for you by Stefan, RW Art Team

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