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Fight Hair Loss – New Kérastase Genesis Homme

By March 24, 2023June 13th, 2023Inspiration, News, Products, Stylist Tips
genesis anti hair loss treatment for men

Many men are affected by hair loss issues, which can occur at any time and sometimes as early as the end of adolescence. Kérastase, one of the world’s leading haircare brands, has recently released Genesis Homme, a new product line designed especially for men’s hair care needs. The new collection is a game-changer for men looking for a haircare routine that is effective and tailored to address their hair loss concerns.

What is Kérastase Genesis Homme?

With an innovative and unique blend of active ingredients, the Genesis Homme anti-hair-fall line is a dual-action anti-fall hair treatment for weakened hair prone to thinning -combating two leading causes of hair loss. It utilises the latest science to tackle hair fall with advanced active ingredients, giving instant volumising results and long-term growth benefits. 

Easy to use, discrete and luxurious, the Genesis Homme range integrates seamlessly into any man’s regular hair routine, eliminating the need for medical-style products and complicated applications. The collection, formulated with woody fragrance notes, is more masculine than its feminine counterpart.

How Does Kérastase Genesis Homme Work?

The Genesis Homme fuller hair thickness program helps gain more hair density instantly thanks to ingredients like ginger root extract and creatine to strengthen and thicken hair fibre for an immediate fuller look and an additional element, Aminexyl to help to stop hair loss, fortify hair anchorage and retention and gain hair strength.

What Products are in the Kérastase Genesis Homme Anti-Hair Loss Regimen?

The Genesis Homme collection features a range of products that work together to strengthen hair, reduce hair fall, and promote hair growth. The line includes a shampoo, serum, and holding clay, all are formulated with powerful ingredients to promote healthy hair growth.


This thickening shampoo system for men is designed to gently cleanse the hair and scalp, removing impurities and buildup while instantly thickening hair and strengthening fibres. It provides volume and texture.

genesis treat mens thinning hair hair loss


This revolutionary fortifying serum is a daily anti-hair fall treatment for weakened hair prone to thinning. It improves resistance to minimise hair fall, reinforces, refreshes, soothes and helps to preserve the scalp’s skin barrier. It helps to reduce the rate of hair fall after six weeks.

genesis male hair serum treatment hair loss, hair fall, and hair density


A light-hold wax pomade for men, Genesis Thickening Molding Clay is formulated for weakened hair that’s prone to thinning. It has a matte finish, is non-greasy, with a non-sticky texture.

genesis hair thickening clay anti hair loss treatment


Overall, the Kérastase Genesis Homme collection is a welcome addition to the world of men’s hair care. With its powerful ingredients and holistic approach to hair health, the line will be a hit among men seeking an effective and easy-to-use haircare routine. If you’re looking for a way to fight hair loss and improve the health and appearance of your hair, Genesis Homme will be an essential part of your kit.

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