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Guys hair – hot tip!

By May 6, 2015October 4th, 2021Stylist Tips

Guys, one hot hair styling tip for you!

When styling your hair make sure you use product regardless of whether you have short, medium or long hair. This will ensure you have more control in creating the look you want. One of my favourite sayings is “You control the hair, don’t let the hair control you”.

Starting with damp hair apply product into hair and use a blow dryer. Begin by drying into desired your shape. You may not think it’s doing anything but as it is drying you will feel more control.   Then once dried into desired shape apply a little more product into your hair creating your final shape.

Personally, I love to use Redken Rough Paste in wet hair and then again in dried hair to get a beautiful balance of control, definition and movement without too much stickiness.

So guys, remember apply product into dampened hair first, not just after!

At Rodney Wayne we believe everyone has the right to look and feel their best. Because everyone is different, we listen to and care about what is right for our clients and their lifestyle. We care for our clients’ hair without compromising the health or integrity of their hair.

Guys hair tip by Andrew
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