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MythBusters series Myth #4: Franchising

Myth #4: I need a PhD in Business Studies

Have you ever wanted to run your own business but thought that you didn’t have the right qualifications or experience to succeed? We believe in developing people and helping them reach their true potential. That’s one of our core values at Rodney Wayne. It’s a value that we are proud to sing from the rooftops and actually put into practice at every level of the company.


“I couldn’t possibly own a Rodney Wayne franchise because I don’t even have a degree in business and economics”- we have heard this before and it is a myth that we need to quash. A great franchise owner in the Rodney Wayne family is someone with amazing business potential, who is a people person at heart, and lives by a positive and hard-working attitude. If this sounds like you then you could have a fantastic future as a Rodney Wayne franchisee; our unprecedented onboarding and ongoing business support will give you the formula that you need to succeed in this business.


Support to succeed
Our franchisees can rely on our robust and reputable business formula to achieve business and lifestyle success:

  • Industry-leading training and support. This even includes training and assistance with fiscal management and benchmarking, to keep your investment operating at peak performance.
  • Digital tools, systems and processes. Behind-the-scenes business management and customer-interface to support streamlined business management.
  • Onboarding support. Your Franchise Development Manager and experienced Regional Managers provide onboarding and ongoing support, utilising their expert industry and business experience.
  • World-class marketing and customer engagement programme. Rodney Wayne stands as a proud brand leader in the industry, with a dedicated and ever-growing client base waiting to visit your salon.
  • Unique premier partnerships. As the franchisor, Rodney Wayne provides you with superior products and strong buying power in the market.


The bottom line is that you do not need to have a business qualification (or even hairdressing experience!) to be a successful Rodney Wayne franchisee. Explore our franchise opportunities if you’ve got the smarts to succeed, team management skills and a desire to thrive.


This could be your start on the business ladder. Take the first step NOW by exploring some more or fill in our form below.

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