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New CURLiCUE Curly Girl Method is Here

By September 14, 2021September 30th, 2021Inspiration, News, Products, We Like

Do you have kinky, coily, or curly hair? Effortless manageable, luxurious ringlets and waves are now within your reach. Just landed in New Zealand, the new CURLiCUE collection by Davroe leaves your curls soft, hydrated, defined and voluminous.

Fortified with rich botanical oils and extracts, CURLiCUE keeps your curly hair feeling and looking its best, leaving silky luxurious curls through a selection of nourishing products, including shampoo, conditionertreatments, and styling care. All are Curly Girl Method Approved.

What is the “Curly Girl Method”?

The Curly Girl Method comprises a set of rules to enhance your natural curl patterns. They can also help you reduce frizz, damage, breakage and dryness. In simple terms, the method avoids ingredients that can negatively affect curls. It rejects products that build up on the hair and recommends gentle cleansing to wash and refresh the hair. It prefers ingredients that can hydrate, condition, repair and enhance. The three most important factors that make a product Curly Girl Friendly are the exclusion of silicons, sulphates and drying alcohols.

Origins of The Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Method was created by hair stylist and curl expert Lorrain Massey. In her book Curly Girl: The Handbook she outlines why certain products and actions are bad for the hair. It’s a guide to getting the absolute most out of your curls. Since the book was first published, curly girls around the world have taken this method to heart and it is known by some as the curly-bible.

To learn more about the Curly Girl Method and the CURLiCUE collection get in touch with the experts at your local Rodney Wayne and Shampoo ’n’ Things or visit our online CURLiCUE collection page here.


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