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New Dark Envy for Brunettes

By October 28, 2020September 10th, 2021News, Products

Calling all brunettes…yes, whoever said ‘blondes have more fun’ was hanging out with the wrong brunette! But are you seeing a little too much red in your hair lately? Dark brown and black hair can have naturally red undertones. These tones are generally subtle, but when exposed to elements such as sunlight, hair lightener, straighteners, or chlorine those undertones emerge, causing dark tresses to appear tinged with red or a rusty shade. Enter Dark Envy…

Matrix Total Results Dark Envy

Matrix Total Results Dark Envy neutralises red undertones. The controlled amount of deep green can restore your hair to its original, rich, dark brunette shade. You’re left with a deep, cool tone and glossy finish. All with the gorgeous signature fragrance of citrus, jasmine and cedarwood. Dark Envy is a game-changer for dark hair. So you can go back to having all the fun – like a true brunette should.

Rewards to Envy

When you buy a product or service at Rodney Wayne salons or Shampoo ‘n’ Things you can earn Rodney Wayne Rewards*. They’re rewards that can go towards services and products at both Rodney Wayne and Shampoo ‘n’ Things. You also get access to extra special offers and exclusive products. So shop with us for enviable hair and earn extra rewards too.

*Not available for online sales. Ts and Cs apply.

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