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New ‘No Small Talk’ Service – Feel More Relaxed at Rodney Wayne Hair Salons

By June 12, 2023Inspiration, News
Rodney Wayne Silent haircut as seen on Paddy Gower Has Issues show about Social Anxiety

In today’s busy and sometimes stressful world, finding moments of relaxation can be challenging. Having your hair styled or coloured helps you feel confident and fabulous – but for some people with social anxiety, the thought of visiting a hairdresser and conversing can bring its own stress. At Rodney Wayne, we believe everyone is unique and has the right to look and feel fabulous. So we are thrilled to introduce our new option for ‘No Small Talk’ appointments.

What is the Rodney Wayne ‘No Small Talk’ Service, and How Does it Work?

We understand that social interactions can vary significantly from person to person. While some find small talk enjoyable and energising, others prefer a quieter and more contemplative environment. At Rodney Wayne, we always aim for a balance of 95% professional and 5% personal when speaking with our guests. In determining the exact proportion, we take our cue from you.

When you book a Rodney Wayne ‘No Small Talk’ service, you can expect the same professionalism and expertise with your hair service, style, or coloration. The difference with a ‘No Small Talk’ appointment is that you would only receive spoken information from your salon team that is essential to provide you with the hair service you require. At the end of the appointment, you would receive brief words of advice about how to care for your style after leaving the salon and any simple rebooking and payment information. At all times, you will be treated with the same professional care as a regular Rodney Wayne service.

Why Is Rodney Wayne Now Offering a No Small Talk Service?

Every Rodney Wayne New Zealand hair salon is built on the promise that we listen and care. We continually look for ways to improve the quality of our offerings and how we respond to the needs of the communities and individuals we serve.

Recently, representatives from the media organisation Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ contacted us. The producers of TV3‘s new current affairs show Paddy Gower Has Issues were researching the story of someone whose social anxiety makes them nervous about going to the hairdresser because they are worried about having to hold a conversation. Paddy Gower and reporter Karen O’Leary were interested in the hairdressers’ and stylists’ perspectives.

During the filming, it became clear that Rodney Wayne could provide an extra service to make visiting the salon a more comfortable experience for people who may otherwise have been hesitant.

As a result of participating in the story, we are implementing a new feature on the website where people can update Rodney Wayne with their preferences and book a No Small Talk‘ service.

How No Small Talk Services Can Help You Feel More Relaxed During Your Hair Appointment

At Rodney Wayne, your time in our salon is a sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge according to your comfort level. By opting for a No Small Talk appointment, you can create an atmosphere that resonates better with you and increases your sense of comfort and ease.

You can choose a No Small Talk service for any reason. Whether you want a moment to catch up on emails and messages, enjoy a little quiet time, or whether you prefer not to feel the need to engage in conversation, you are most welcome to select this new appointment option. No judgments are made, and there is no need to explain your choice. You will receive the same high level of professional hair care and expert pampering.

How to Book a No Small Talk Service

To help make your visit more comfortable, we’ve made booking a ‘No Small Talk’ service effortlessly simple.  

  1. Click the button on the home page
  2. Select your salon
  3. Select the tick box for a ‘No Small Talk’ service.
  4. Enter your details.

Your selected Rodney Wayne salon is then updated about your preference for a ‘No Small Talk’ service so you can relax and look forward to a pampering, luxurious, and professional  hairdressing experience with an extra level of personalised care.

Earn Rewards With Your No Small Talk Service

At Rodney Wayne, we put you at the forefront of our service. Our introduction of ‘No Small Talk’ appointments reflects our commitment to your satisfaction and acknowledging your unique needs. As well as feeling more comfortable with a ‘No Small Talk’ service, you can earn Rodney Wayne Rewards*. Rodney Wayne Rewards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for services and products at any Rodney Wayne salon or Shampoo’ n’ Things store.

To bring out your beautiful best in a relaxing moment of expert care and calm, book you next appointment here.


*Ts+Cs apply. Rodney Wayne Rewards are not available with online purchases.

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