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Post-Summer Hair Love: Your Expert Tips

After Summer hair care tips and advice

As we head back to work and our normal routines, it’s time to give our hair a great start, too. Follow this guide to rejuvenating your hair after the summer break, brought to you by the Rodney Wayne Artistic Team and our Education and Creative Director, Newton Cook. Let our expert tips and advice guide you towards optimal hair health, damage prevention, restoring shine, enhancing your hair’s natural beauty and ensuring your tresses are the perfect complement to your back-to-work confidence.

Cleansing is Key

Post-summer, your scalp may feel oily, and your hair can bear the weight of summer activities. Resist the urge to scrub vigorously and opt for a professional-quality shampoo tailored to your hair type to avoid unnecessary drying. A guide to washing frequency is about every 2 to 3 days. Talk with your stylist for specific advice and discover the best shampoo and frequency for you.

Cool Down the Heat

Your hair doesn’t need the added stress of intense blow-drying and hot tools after the summer sun. Limit heat styling as much as possible by air-drying and using equipment designed to stay within healthy hair levels. Our go-to heat tools are from ghd – you can find the tool you need for your good hair days here.

Embrace the Moisture

Combat summer’s dry hair stresses with a hydrating routine. Incorporate a nourishing hair mask and leave-in conditioner into your regimen. When heading outdoors, keep up those good holiday habits and protect your hair by covering it with a hat or scarf to shield it from the sun and retain essential moisture.

Prioritise Health and Hydration

Maintain your overall hair beauty by prioritising your health. Keep strands from drying out by staying hydrated with plenty of fresh water and sustaining your healthy summer habits, like adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. A well-hydrated body makes achieving beautiful hair more attainable.

Give Your Hair Some Beauty Sleep

The long, hot summer days take a toll on your hair. Nighttime provides the perfect opportunity for repair and restoration. Apply a nourishing treatment before bed, gently massaging into your lengths and ends and wake up to revitalised and rejuvenated locks. There are hydrating treatments for the full spectrum of hair types, including all types of blonde hair.

Schedule a Trim Session

Forget the notion that split ends are the sole indicator that it’s time for a trim; they’re actually a sign that you’ve waited too long. If your hair ends are beginning to feel dry or damaged, a trim may be in order. Maintaining a luscious and vibrant look is associated with good health and confidence; regular trims are essential for that upkeep.

Advantages of Regular Hair Trimming:

  • Split End Prevention: Trimming fights against damaged ends, helping stop splits from advancing and causing additional harm.
  • Growth Boost: Consistent trims foster hair length by eliminating breakage and promoting healthier strands.
  • Shape Maintenance: Trimming is vital to preserving your hairstyle’s intended shape, whether short or long, ensuring a well-maintained and stylish look.
  • Improved Overall Appearance: A fresh trim gives a polished look, highlighting your hair’s natural thickness, smoothness, and vibrancy.

Understanding the factors influencing your hair, such as type, scalp condition, and lifestyle, is crucial for a naturally healthy look . Experiment with different routines, listen to your hair’s needs, and consult with us for personalised advice and product recommendations. Book your appointment now at Rodney Wayne, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you on your hair care journey.

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