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The Essential Guide to Nourishing Your Hair

How to Nourish your Hair

What is Hair Nourishment?

Hair nourishment helps your hair to grow healthy, glossy and strong. The process includes observing certain hair care practices and using products that will help you in the long run. It involves providing the essential nutrients to your hair both internally and externally with the help of ‘hair food’ in select professional hair products. To guide you along the way, follow these expert tips from Rodney Wayne creative and education director Newton Cook.

The first step to nourishing your hair is making sure that you are not damaging it. This means avoiding things like extreme heat, chemical treatments, and excessive or high heat styling. It also means using products that will protect your hair from these things. The best products are salon-quality shampoos, masks, and treatments. The next step to healthy hair is making sure you are staying properly hydrated and eating the right healthy foods for your body and lifestyle. Foods rich in vitamins, omega 3 and protein can all contribute to helping make strands stronger.

Why We Nourish Hair

“It is important to nourish our hair to have healthy hair. When your hair is nourished, it has lesser chances of breakage. Nourished hair is thicker, softer, shinier, bouncier, and stronger. For many people, healthy, shiny hair sends a subtle signal about general health and beauty.

How to Nourish Your Hair

The best way to provide nutrients to your hair is with an in-salon routine. I recommend a Kérastase Fusio Dose because this treatment has the option to tackle a combination of your hair concerns as it can be custom mixed by your stylist for individual hair types and to address a host of hair issues, like dry hair, damaged hair or frizzy hair.

Nourishing Hair at Home

Take-home treatments allow you to keep up your hair nourishment routine at home. Your stylist will recommend treatments for a hair care regimen to tackle your specific goals and concerns. My favourite products to help nourish hair at home are the shampoo Kérastase Nutritive Satin 1 and Kérastase Nutritive Lait Vital. Both have advanced nourishing ingredients that moisturise, and leave hair durably supple and soft. For extra care, try Kérastase Nutritive Night Serum, I love this because it’s lightweight and non-greasy and helps deliver supreme nourishment while you sleep, with no rinsing required. It is so effortless and provides luxurious long-lasting effects. It also makes your hair easier to style in the morning.

When to Nourish Hair

The best time to nourish your hair is all the time. Whether you have long hair or short, your daily routine should involve hydrating and nourishing your locks to prevent damage or frizz and to help it look healthier.

Talk with your Rodney Wayne stylist about the best hair care and nourishment products for your particular hair type – book here. Or you are welcome to visit any Rodney Wayne Shampoo ’n’ Things store to talk to the experts.

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