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What’s it like to own a Rodney Wayne salon

Lynley - Franchisee

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a Rodney Wayne salon? To give you a sneak peek into the world of hair and entrepreneurship, we chatted to new franchisee Lynley Bowen, who, along with her business partner Mandy Bebb, is co-owner of Rodney Wayne Hornby.

Please share some of the story of your journey with Rodney Wayne, from your initial role to becoming a franchisee.

My incredible 30-year journey with Rodney Wayne has been filled with growth and opportunity. Starting as a stylist and floor manager, I progressed to become an educator, regional support manager, and even a shareholder in a franchise.  The company’s support and belief in my potential have been unwavering. Ultimately an opportunity arose to buy the Rodney Wayne Hornby franchise. Mandy and I have now had the business for just over a year.

What motivated you to transition from your previous roles within the company to becoming a franchisee?

My passion for growing teams and taking care of clients has been the driving force behind my decision to become a franchisee. Rodney Wayne fosters an environment that nurtures this passion, making the transition feel like a natural step along the way.

How has your prior experience within the company prepared you for owning and operating a franchise?

The Rodney Wayne system takes the guesswork out of running the business, and the experience I gained working in various roles within Rodney Wayne gave me a wider view. From hands-on styling to managerial positions, I’ve developed understanding of the industry as well as the company’s operations – which couldn’t have prepared me any better!

What do you believe sets our company apart from others in the industry, and how did that influence your decision to become a franchisee?

Rodney Wayne’s unparalleled support system is what truly sets it apart. The collaborative team environment and the wealth of knowledge and experience available were key factors in my decision to take the step to owning a franchise, and knowing that I have a strong network behind me gave me that extra confidence.

Can you highlight some of the challenges you’ve faced as a franchisee, and how you’ve overcome them?

While external factors like the supposed financial crisis can present challenges, I firmly believe that people will always prioritise looking and feeling fabulous. By following the system and focusing on delivering exceptional service, we’ve been able to navigate the challenges along the way.

In your opinion, what are the key factors that contribute to the success of a franchisee within our company?

The extensive support provided by Rodney Wayne is the cornerstone of a franchisee’s success. With access to a vast pool of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the business, we have the tools and resources needed to excel. Being part of this supportive network is an invaluable asset. I can’t imagine anyone going out and doing it alone. How do you maintain a balance between adhering to company standards and implementing your own unique strategies as a franchisee? With years of experience within Rodney Wayne, the company’s standards have become second nature to me. These proven strategies work, forming a solid foundation for me to expand to meet the local community’s needs.

Can you share a memorable moment or accomplishment from your time as a franchisee that you’re particularly proud of?

There are so many! One of the most rewarding aspects of being a franchisee is witnessing the growth and development of our team members. Seeing apprentices work their way through the program and become qualified stylists is a true source of pride and a testament to the nurturing environment we foster.

How do you engage with the broader franchise network and collaborate with other franchisees to foster success?

Being in this unique position allows me to engage with the broader franchise network extensively. Collaborating with other franchisees and learning from their experiences has been instrumental in my own success and growth.

Based on your experiences and insights, what advice would you offer to individuals considering becoming franchisees with Rodney Wayne?

This industry is fun, colourful, energetic and people-focused at every turn. If you like variety, thrive in a dynamic, people-focused environment and have a passion for the beauty industry, becoming a Rodney Wayne franchisee is an incredible opportunity. My advice would be to embrace continuous learning and take full advantage of the support and resources available to you.

If you’re thinking about taking up the opportunity to style your success with Rodney Wayne, we invite you to get in touch to learn more by filling in your detail below.

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